Sunday, April 24, 2005

cult of the week - Equal Local

artist: Equal Local

title: Madagascar

year: 1981

label: Missing Link

personnel: Dean Richards (electric guitar, electric bass), Philip Jackson (synthesizers, beat programmes), Melissa Webb (synthesizers, piano), Bryce Perrin (acoustic bass), Mick Hauser (saxophone)

tracklisting: madagascar, the cult of simplicity, block at the top

cotw say…

comprising various figures from the Melbourne post-punk scene - most notably ex-members of synthpunk band Whirlywirld - Equal Local where a popular, if short-lived, live act in the early 80s. despite never managing to stretch their particular oeuvre over a full album, this brief EP remains an significant musical manifesto.

an instrumental ‘synth’ band that employs acoustic bass, sax and piano does sound as original as it reads (reeds?). over ticking rhythm boxes, Richards and Co. weave hypnotic little tunes that, if anything, hint at a noirish take on American east coast jazz-fusion. throughout, ‘Madagascar’ certainly conjures up images of underground spy or thriller films. and whether intentional or not, ‘The Cult of Simplicity’ and (the left-hand piano run of) ‘The Block at the Top’ pack plenty of suspense around their sparse arrangements.

local, maybe. but equal to what exactly?


mitch said...

brilliant ep.timeless quality.ideal for film etc.

Erik - cult with no name said...

absolutely...just amazing stuff. you can get one track on CD via the 'Can't Stop It' Australian post-punk compilation.

DavidTCasey said...

This must be the best band ever. The first to make real music beyond guitars, drums and bass. They are the sign that evolution is not dead. Really, their music was so infectious, I remember six of us dancing across freeways, in parks, for three days in a frenzy of rhythm.