Saturday, April 02, 2005

cult of the week - Del-Byzanteens

artist: Del-Byzanteens

title: Lies to Live By

year: 1982

label: Don’t fall off the mountain

personnel: Josh Braun (percussion and drums), Dan Braun (percussion and drums), Jim Jarmusch (vocals, keyboards), Philippe Hagen (bass), Phil Kline (vocals, guitar)

tracklisting: lies to live by, draft riot, war, sally go round the roses, girls imagination, welcome machines, apartment 13

cotw say…

actors becoming singers and singers becoming actors is an all too familiar occurrence these days. that’s what makes acclaimed film director Jim Jarmusch’s stint in the this fleeting post-punk band such a welcome distraction. but even that should not be allowed to detract from acknowledging The Del-Byzanteens as a fine New York post-punk band.

‘Lies to Live By’ starts off excellently with a serious of memorable, non-aggressive statements, typified by the guitar-bass-keyboard interplay of the melodic title track. by contrast, the far darker, percussive turns of ‘Girl’s Imagination’ and the outstanding ‘Welcome Machines’ on side two are reminiscent of early Wall of Voodoo in absolute top form (minus Ridgway’s drawl).

one of the surprise moments of the lp is a seriously cool reading of the Jaynetts’ haunting ‘Sally Go Round the Roses’. even more interesting perhaps, is that another band on the opposite coast was busy interpreting it too. next week, folks, next week.

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phil said...

There are a few more ressources on
Enjoy :)

Erik - cult with no name said...

Is that Phil Kline? Cool! Didn't you also work with Peter Principle from Tuxedomoon?

Erik - cult with no name

phil said...

Hi Erik,
Nope, wrong Phil. But yes he did play with P. Principle in Dark Day :-)

Ludvig said...

I just made a post about a possible concert dvd at my Jarmusch blog.